The playerbase is much higher in Aion Classic

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I'm not convinced that they read the emails and aion classic kinah buying that's the biggest problem. I sent an email asking for information about my pet and I was offered a 3 month sub to confirm. First they reply they don't offer this service. Second reply they say they don't have any information about Siels Aura items.

It was a large group of people, and we joined at the same time. In the event that you leave the game to go to the hairpin quest is a violation as is running back into the instance .....but everyone else does this. This isn't a problem, I'd say. So, I wrote them and received a copy n paste reply. I was not going to analyze their error. What a shame.

It's not true. This is just a copy/paste response they're giving to all users, even those who haven't performed anything other than standard SR hairpin runs. I've even known a person who hasn't been online for the past week, and was banned because of this. Probably all they did was review people who left and re-entered SR multiple times and then marked those who were banned through an automatic check and not checking to see if they had been legitimately questing.

So I finally got someone to let me know why I got exiled. BEWARE folks, running SteelRake and completing the HairPin quest can result in you being ban if you fail to turn it in more than once. This was what I was doing in the LFG group that I was part of. The goal was to eliminate mobs, then collect the 12 hairpins, and then go to the Shugo and take on our quest. After that, we would return in Steel Rake and continue in the same way. That's what I as well as a majority of people, did back in 2009 when the game was first launched. Wasn't aware that this was an exploit ?! I have replied to them , asking if they are an exploit or just a false positive at their part. This doesn't seem to be an exploit, but it seems that this is deliberate. You must be wary in the event that you attempt this using the hairpin investigation.

The playerbase is much higher in Aion Classic although it's a matter of perspective considering how Aion retail appears to have only six players on the game at any given moment the last time I was checking. Aion Classic is part of the combat patch which was acknowledged or at the very least acknowledged by everyone as being the best or top best partly due to being an animation-based combat system. It also has the advantage that the over certain classes did not occur until. Aion Classic does have 1 hour of free play, which isn't a lot but it does mean you are able to play a little even if you have to interrupt your sub (and if you pause the sub, it implies that you're not in a position to be playing for a long period of time sitting).

Does it differ in regards to graphics, gameplay and player base? I have played one character to level 8 on the F2P edition, and want to cheap aion classic kinah know if Classic is worth the price. What are what are the pros and cons for each? Would be amazing!