I'll be substituting the toktz-ket-xil with a dragon shield

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I haven't OSRS gold attempted Fire Giants though. I see a lot of people doing it whenever I had a job of them though. So it has to be alright. Aviansies can be a good money maker and okay exp. But I'm also afraid like Yaks, they have started to have a great deal of robots. Hope I sort of helped. Range is probably one of my weaker CB Skills on for what to train on.

In about 1 month I'll be able to go do Frost Dragons (85 Dungeoneering). In about 3 weeks I will have 99 Dungeoneering (6 chaotics). I was wondering - donate myself 2 years (maxing out etc.) and then moving into a Nexing team w/ pro gear, hell, possibly solo when possible, or, give myself one year and get CLOSE, or, heck, maybe even, max out only through doing Frost Dragons, and I'd also have an ely following roughly 1 year.

I am really not certain what I should do, though, and, really, I am just searching for a priority. I'm done PvPing, until Jagex fixes the PJ system, therefore, PvM is how I'll be rolling. I've seen the soak damage - and, really, it does not amuse me. Main reason why I'm leaning towards Elysian. (14% Soak -200. E.g., 300 hit would only soak 14 dmg.D 14% Soak is the"20% soak" which is exactly what it says in KB.

Thus, in the two ways I: Max out. Get Elysian. If I have not already mentioned this, once I get Elysian, I'll be dunging to 99 then possibly 120. Well, as I mentioned, this really is a long term goal. 1-2 decades. Just wondering on remarks. Would like some factors for either one, not only a"ELY" or"99 DUNG" remark. So, actually, I'm looking for a reasons - maybe not an exact answer. Sorry if I confused you, feel free to post anything/PM me about this.

Alright, thanks guys. I'll be substituting the toktz-ket-xil with a dragon shield, and dharok's body together with guthan's entire body, because guthan's body offers the same defense worth, but is a whole lot cheaper. And yes, I'll be saving up to get a fury... Any other suggestions? I'd gladly take em. If you not or cant however do the monkey insanity pursuit, then I propose either a brac blade, or a d long if your really buy RuneScape gold low on the moneys.