There is no reason these should not"stick" for online play since they do for offline.

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There is no reason these should not"stick" for online play since they do for offline. In offline play should you take the Coach Adjustments off it remains off. It does not do for online. Remove and you have to NBA 2K21 MT Coins pause it every match annoying your opponent and using up one of those pauses that are precious. If every game the Defensive Settings default option to 2K's defaultoption, why can not it default to what I changed until I change it, or till I"reset defaults"? I should not need to go into Defensive Settings every single match and alter on-ball = tight, off ball = tight, on-ball display = proceed, Help Defense slider set to 0. On exactly what I set can not the other settings, the camera remains?

It is unnecessary time wasted for my opponent and myself. There were 91 last year. The total participant cards moved from 1,861 to whereas the cards changed showed a 4% growth, the tiered card revealed a 208 percent increase. That is way unbalanced. This 281 opals represent 229 distinct players with opals (so 52 players needed multiple opals) and include cards which evo to opal although not those that DD to opal.

On top of limiting the Opals and GOATs to cards that really deserve them in actual life, they also need to revamp the tiering system to better space the cards out so there aren't 281 jammed to the same tier, with little to differentiate them other than a Sherlock Holmes level of investigation into their stats/badges. This tiering system allows the very same tiers to be dispersed over 100 positions as opposed to the 33 now in operation (68-99) therefore there is that much variant to play to properly evaluate cards.

I'd also suggest that attributes ratings, but additionally badges. So the badges could be weighted by their position (Bronze, Gold, Silver, HOF) and added into the entire score of the attributes to determine final position and tier. Some level of evaluation would still be required to determine whether the 91 opal guy with 10 HOF badges is equivalent to another 91 opal guy with 10 HOF badges because one has Range Extender and the other has Ice In Veins (hint -- that the former is greater ). This segues into who should and shouldn't get an opal. Many would agree that opals that are 281 undermines the integrity of this origin history and is too far.

She probably knows that who Kobe, Shaq, MJ and LeBron are though. I am not advocating that only the greatest stars get opals (really those 4 I named did, and should, get GOATs) but we want a cozy medium in which the casual enthusiast can recognise and agree that Gary Payton, Grant Hill and MT for sale 2K21 Tracy McGrady deserve opals because they were multiple-selection All-Stars and therefore are still recent enough that people understand they're. And then guys like Dennis Johnson, Jack Sikma, Walt Frazier and Mel Daniels also deserve opals.

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