The party room is just a place for ppl to beg now and fally

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The party room RuneScape gold is just a place for ppl to beg now and fally may as well be named noobville when among those statements occurs.I've been to at least 10 drops since the changes, and haven't even managed to soda 1 balloon before the celebration ends or getting kicked off the server.

Solutions: At the very least, prevent the bankers from approving the bank and perhaps have a flashing light in the bank just to alert ppl that a drop will be happening, and they're able to speak with the banker should they would like to understand more. But a continuous spamming and countdown is unnecessary, and takes off from the game in my opinion. Doors should either be removed, or kept available during a fall.

If announcements must be kept, at least restrict them to really high drops such as 5m+ at least. Drops under 1m or 500k should not even be announced. You are deluding yourselves if you think that a RWT will sit dropping for hours a small amt of cash to the drop box, and that someone will stand there for hours waiting for that fall.

Comments/supporters are appreciated, I'm not likely to look at a whole lot, but I wanted to at least put it out there how truly annoying the celebration room is.I obtained 99 farm another day, and wished to perform a 10m fall, but I'd probably get kicked out of my drop. On all docks, there will be a man named Greenbeard. In OSRS Money case you've got 60 construction, you should start building your vessel...